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To our anguished hearts
And our tired eyes
The Spirits Gave us a Vision....

"Take sand, pigment, and water
Sculpt forms from the Dreamtime
Restore the Center and Paint the Earth".

From the Void emerged Turtle, from Turtle the Tree,
Surrounded by Crystals and Snake Uncoiling
While birds arrived later and perched from the branches.

Through the Night of Renewing the Vision took Form
Painted Bodies of the Humans - Painted Body of Earth
Painted Together - Now Become One

The Vision handed to us - to be shared and held with others:
Painting the World returns Humans to harmony
Painting the World from the Dreamtime
teaches the Way of being Walking Prayer People,
Walking within One Earth - Under One Sky

Carol Proudfoot-Edgar

(updated June 28, 2002)

The Never Ending Coal
sharing from Ziva

Sharings from Janice Young

Children's Shamanic Event - Sept 6-8, 2002

Oracle 2002 Survey

Letters received from Oracle Villagers
(updated June 11, 2002)

The Desert Clan

Oracle Photos
by Steve Rosen

Drum Making Circle
photos by Steve Rosen

All Night Earth Renewal Dance
a poem by Pirkko Miller



by Pirkko Miller

by Cheryl Ban

updated May 15, 2002

Oracle Objects of Transformation

Painted Horses
updated May 15, 2002

Trance Painting

Rattle Offering Group

Planting the Tree

Painting the Dream:
Oracle2 writings from Carol Proudfoot-Edgar
updated May 10, 2002

Clan PrayerSticks
images by Carol Dickson

Earth SandPaintings:
Images by Nancy Abilgaard

(Owl gift from Hideki to Bob Edgar at Oracle)