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Shamanic Circles Programs
  International Shamanic Community Gatherings
We are pioneering a model that brings participants from around the world to a common site where they can share skills and resources, jointly create ceremony, and work as a village on behalf of the Whole.
Our first gathering took place in the Arizona desert in April 2000. Over 120 people gathered for 5 days to drum, learn, journey, and pray together. The village created a world map, around which we did ceremony for global healing.
  A second International gathering is being planned for Spring 2002. We intend to sponsor such gatherings every two years and also sponsor similar retreats in Europe and Israel.
  Some participants from the first gathering were inspired to organize a regional Midwest Gathering in Wisconsin in August, 2001. We linked with their website and will post reports from their experiences as a way of encouraging and refining this 'village model' for building global shamanic community.
  Program Sponsorship
We co-sponsor and offer scholarships for programs that are focused on healing the planet, fostering peace, and building shamanic community.
Shamanic Circles has co-sponsored various programs including Medicine for the Earth, Bear Shamanism, and Shamanic workshops in Israel.
  International travel scholarships are provided to enable people to attend international programs and return to their respective homelands to build stronger shamanic communities. More information
  Some tuition scholarships are provided so that people with limited incomes can participate in co-sponsored workshops and gatherings. At the present time, our resources are very limited in this category. More information
  On-Line Networking
We host a variety of programs on our website. Visit us to find:
An on-line listing of shamanic drumming circles around the world -- includes circles in the US, Canada, Hungary, UK, France, Germany, Ireland, Norway, Denmark, Finland, Israel, Japan, and Australia.
  Global celebrations of the solstices -- individuals and circles coordinate their celebrations and share their experiences of these seasonal turning points.
  Spirit Talk - an international on-line newsletter featuring articles by well-known teachers, practitioners and students of shamanism.
  Articles, photos, artwork and poetry -- contributions from our readers which serve as education and inspiration.
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