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July 2001
Dear Friends,

It has been two years since we sent out our brochure announcing the formation of the nonprofit, Tending Sacred Circles. This last Spring we decided to change our name to Shamanic Circles. Although we still maintain an official government title of Tending Sacred Circles, we now use Shamanic Circles in our publications, announcing of events, and ongoing work.

Shamanic Circles is more indicative of our purpose and mission. Our vision remains clear in wishing to aid in the formation, linking and sustaining of shamanic practice and circles around the world. Reviewing our activities in the last two years, we have learned more about what furthers connection as well as directions we would now like to pursue. Following is a description of our major areas of focus and our work thus far:

1) Our web site has grown and evolved.
We are in the process of redesigning our web site so as to make it even more accessible, informative, and useful. We view the web site as a powerful tool for communicating, linking, coordinating healing activities, and sharing the global shamanic community's efforts to enhance our relationship with the Earth and all beings. Web activities these last two years include:

Continuing to sponsor worldwide Solstice celebrations by posting announcements and stories of individual and group ceremonies and gatherings.

Maintaining a Global Shamanic Circles web page where circles can post their meetings, contact persons, and discuss shamanic issues.

We developed a web page where shamanic circles can post prayers, journeys, or ceremonies they have done in aid of some troubled area of our world. This page grew out of the strong collective responses we received when we posted a request for prayers and healing from a circle in Israel asking shamanic help for their troubled land.

Hosting SpiritTalk, an international journal that focuses on topics of interest to the shamanic community. Linking to other shamanic web pages as well as announcements of future gatherings and shamanic workshops.

2) Coordinating International Gatherings
In April of 2000 Shamanic Circles organized a five day international gathering in Oracle, Arizona attended by 120 individuals. The community itself offered workshops and ceremonies in a variety of areas such as flute playing, mask making, plant healing, working with grief. A general theme of Oracle was to do some “healing of our Home.” A map of the world was created in colored sand and the entire village participated in a healing ceremony around this world map.

The archives section of our web page has photos and tells more about this shamanic village and its activities. This experience reminded us of the importance of people coming together to share their ways and wisdom as walkers of the shaman’s path.
We plan to sponsor a Second International Gathering in Spring 2002.

3) Supporting shamanic training and related expenses
In our ongoing effort to make shamanic training and workshops available to those who may not be able to afford certain expenses, scholarships were given to aid international travelers and seed money was given for a future international gathering in Israel. Since we are a nonprofit, we have been able to gather donations for specific shamanic workshops that can then be used as scholarships for travel, tuition, or room and board.

We are asking for contributions in the areas of:
General Funds—donations to this category allow us to use the contributions as needed in administration, publications, programs (e.g. International Gathering).
Web Site Development—we need finances to maintain and upgrade our web site as well as continue to develop creative ways of linking shamanic circles through the Internet.
International Travel Scholarships—events held in this country (USA) may not be inclusive of representation from shamanic circles abroad due to cost of travel. We are dedicated to having Shamanic Circles be an organization that brings people together from around the world.
Program Development—funds used for the sponsoring of workshops, scholarships for workshop participants, our own programs such as the International Gathering.

Shamanic Circles does not use promoters or professional fund raisers. All donations go directly to our organization for expenses. You can give a general donation and we will use it where needed most, or you can designate a specific area or program. We are a IRC nonprofit 501 (c)(3) organization and your contributions are fully tax-deductible according the IRS regulations.

We are growing slowly, taking time to develop our dreams and goals. We want to keep our vision clear and use our limited resources wisely. We, the Council of Shamanic Circles, contribute monetarily to our own corporation by donating cash, client contributions for shamanic healing or counseling, travel and other expenses, and materials.

All work is done voluntarily. There are no paid positions in our organization. We do this joyously to support our vision. We are now seeking assistance from others who share our dreams of supporting and sustaining shamanic community throughout the world.

In attempting to keep costs down, this is only our second widely circulated mailing. Please let us know of any changes in address or email, or indicate on the enclosed slip if you wish to be removed from our mailing list. We are grateful for all your support, in every form, we have received in the past. Please consider a new donation of any amount to continue the vision of expanding and connecting global shamanic community. You may use the attached contribution form.

Blessings and Thanksgivings,

Lori Levine,
On behalf of Shamanic Circles