Global Shamanic Circles
The following pages provide a forum for Shamanic Drumming Circles to connect with each other. Circles list themselves as a way of notifying others, of sharing information about their activities and experiences, and as a way of promoting joint endeavors with like-minded others. By developing and sustaining a living network among shamanic circles, we can build bridges regionally, nationally, and around the world.
Listing of Global Shamanic Circles—Information about shamanic circles around the world. Circles are listed geographically.
Voices from the Circles—News and experiences from the circles. Submissions are listed chronologically.
Solstice and other seasonal celebrations and postings—Individuals and circles share their ideas and plans, coordinate their celebrations, and relate their experiences of the turning seasons.
Global Prayers—Periodically, an individual or circle requests that others join in prayer around a particular focus. This section details requests and highlights responses.