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Haiti: Responses from the Circles
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We are posting here letters we have received from individuals describing their journeys and experiences in their tending of Haiti. The original letter was sent both to individuals affiliated with and with the Society for Shamanic Pracititioners.

Both of these websites have posted letters.


January 20, 2010

Sunday night my Circle met, and we journeyed for whatever healing we could provide in Haiti. I saw the same mass of swirling souls that you mentioned. Then a beautiful African goddess, dressed in white with a white head-covering, rose out of the sea. She extended her arms compassionately, A powerful white light came from her. My task then was simply to take souls by the hand and bring them into her light. I will be doing more of that on my own.

In Spirit,

January 20, 2010

Upon reading your letter about your journey to Haiti, I was there. It was as if reading your letter was all the travel I needed to do.

I saw a huge angelic being just standing there in that mist you described. I asked/wondered why he was not doing anything. I was told he was giving peace and calm.

I looked elsewhere and saw some people walking away, as though turning their backs on the disaster. My eagle, in very large size, went to them and, one at a time, swallowed each and then spit the person out again. My understanding was that he was helping them transform so they could go back and be a part of their community in this time of trouble.

I then called for angelic help. "All those who work for the highest and best good of all concerned who are willing to come to Haiti, please come now." I saw many white beings come to the shores of the island.

I do not always know what my visions mean. But I can at least report to you what I have seen. I will continue to look toward Haiti and hope to see more good things happening.

Thank you for what you are doing.

January 20, 2010

Dear Carol, Osiyo!
Thank you so much for your outreach for the people of Haiti. It is certainly much needed, and will be for some time to come. I wrote a step-by-step for people who practice shamanism and/or Reiki for psychopomp/healing help during this trying time, and posted it on my Facebook page (accessible to everyone) and on our blog.
Please see: Or:

We hope this is helpful.
Many Blessings!

January 19, 2010

i have a candle burning too
i am doing a lot of tonglen for them
buddhist practice
thank you please keep me posted

January 19, 2010

I journeyed to the dark cloud of un-crossed spirits and my guides started sending me soul after soul after soul that I filled up with light. (It was like seeing them fill up with light like pouring water into a glass) Then they were taken to the light. It was so easy!!! Apparently there are soooo many ready to cross over like this. I asked my guides to send me as many as my physical body could handle and then it was over.

Love, Brenda

January 18, 2010

Yesterday I received and email from a dear friend requesting help and it said that 'we must' or words to that effect and I remember that I could in fact journey to help those souls in the in-between and I was grateful.

I would like to share with you my dealing journey and to thank you forhelping me to remember.

During the day I was conscious that I would travel with Black Bear and my other Power animals and guides.  It was to be an invisible journey as I could see a great mass (liken to black clouds over the area), I set my protection and called for Archangel Michael to oversee as well as many other Masters in Spirit.

When I went down to my medicine place I became a small animal and travelled cautiously under cover of mist and darkness.  And I have called out strongly that my Intent was to assist in Haiti

Arriving was greeted by White Buffalo Calf Woman we traveled deep into the depths of Mother Earth through a small hole and I was given a cloak, crafted by Spider Woman, at first I thought it was for further invisibily but then when we returned and arrived at the site it was to call home lost souls.

It was placed on the ground and was of beautiful whitle light that sparkled like stars so could be seen from afar, we sat together, Black Bear and Lera by my side with The Master and Angels all around, beckoning them all to come back home safely.

Then they came almost as a Soul Group each comforting each other young and old, black and white one girl came by my side to help comfort them she knew that some needed her help as well, so many came together they knew that their families and loved one were waiting for them in spirit and it was safe.

I used my eyes and heart to comfort them and to assist.

Then it was time to journey back home, I put the cloak back on and came back, the cloak was not mine but was given back to Spider Woman and could be used again if needed.

Again I travelled back as a small animal almost like an otter, I said grateful prayers to those that have helped, all colours, all creeds, all races and all nations.

To all those in Spirit who helped I am grateful, thankyou to my Power Animals and Spirit Helpers - Ho - Thy Will Be Done - Amen

Love from a shamanic practitioner from New Zealand

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January 18, 2010

Our little drumming circle did some journeys for Haiti last Friday night, before I had a chance to read Carol’s post. Since the level of skill and experience in the circle is quite mixed, we suggested that everyone just journey to the upper world to their favorite teacher and then ask them to do the helping. We got some interesting stuff.

One member watched her teacher (who is African) travel to Haiti and join and help empower the whole Vodou pantheon – starting with Papa Legba, then Erzulie, and many others. The gods were gathering up the stuck spirits by putting on a huge party – music, free cigarettes, rum, and lots of sex. They formed a conga line and led hundreds of them off into the light. Jesus turned up too – not for the party, but to help the Christians. Lastly, the serpents started to reweave the fractured earth.

Another could see something similar, in the distance, but saw that there is great suffering in lots of other places too – just that Haiti is in the news this week. So he sent his power animals to help wherever they could – like when you write a check to the Red Cross and don’t restrict it to some particular disaster. There are still famines of great magnitude in sub-Saharan Africa, for example.

Everyone saw something good being done in the spirit realm.

Happy trails,

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