Circles and Individuals Responding to Tragedy in USA
Sending Healing, Prayers and Peace

Shamanic Circles are dedicated to bringing compassion and healing whenever and wherever needed. So many places in the world need our prayers. However, at this particular time, the immense tragedy and sadness, flowing like a River of Sorrow through New York City, and other sites that were attacked, call to us to tend right now.

We wish to share here on this page, responses that Circles and individuals are sending. Also descriptions of what some shamanic Circles are doing as they gather. If you have something to contribute, please email to our Global Shamanic Circles coordinator, Dan Jordinelli at

May we remember the shamanic path is the path of heart and of compassion...nurture those qualities in ourselves, extend such acts to all we meet. Many hearts are broken - a broken heart makes room for Spirit to enter and to heal. A broken heart makes room for others to reach out, give comfort and solace.

And Circles together can help to bind up wounds: assist the souls suddenly blasted out of their bodies...wandering around perhaps...dazed, confused. Please do whatever you can to help them move to the Loving Source from which all came. Pray that the Blessings of the Spirits everywhere descend upon those grieving...and accompany them through what will surely be years of grief. Pray that the children who lost their parents may be touched by love, be comforted....inherit not anger as the final act but learn more love for themselves, and for others as their final heritage -- from what is such a devastating loss now. Thanks be to all who are tending during this time and gratitude to those sending their words of prayers and compassion which you will find below.May the darkening of the Light be filled with candles, and fires of love as long as is needed.

Blessings and Love,

Carol Proudfoot-Edgar

November 14, 2001
Greetings Dan, The Tansey House will have an open circle November 18, 2001 at 6:30 PM. We will continue to work on creating inner harmony and healing in order to facilitate healing for the tragedy that continues to vibrate in our world. I am asking that participants bring a symbol of Thanksgiving for the altar. Contact Elaine Egido May we continue to manifest into the world the consciousness that this work brings to create balance and harmony.
Blessings of love and appreciation, Elaine

October 10, 2001

In the troubling times we are in we invite all circles and individuals world wide to join us in a all night of drumming Saturday November 3, 2001 from sunset to sunrise. We gather as a community, our hearts joined together as we create sacred space. We ask healing for the great mother and all her children. We ask for a release of pain from the places on the earth where tragedy and loss of life has occurred. We ask for the release of hatred and anger from the bones of our ancestors and from the hearts and minds of humankind. In the darkness of winter we will leave the pain and suffering behind us. We will drum and call forth the birth of humankind into the beautiful, loving evolved species we are destined to be.

Contact: Hazel (310-454-1202) e-mail or Hohanna (760-363-7175) for more information Location: Yucca Valley. Allow 3.5 to 4 hours drive from Los Angeles Cell phones will work, no land telephone available Directions from Los Angeles:&Mac226; Interstate 10 east to Highway 62 (also called 29 Palms Highway) to Yucca Valley Left on Old Woman Springs Road (Hwy. 247) go 5.2 miles. Left on Pipes Canyon Road go 4.1 miles Right on Gamma Gulch (dirt road) go 1.8 miles Look for drumming signs Left on God&Mac226;s Way (tiny sign on left hand side) go 1.6 miles to where the road splits. Bear Left Go 1.8 miles to Garth Bowles property. Look for drumming sign

October 4, 2001


It is not enough to cry out in despair
At the loss of so many lives.
It is not enough to shake clenched fists
At the sky with cries of "Vengeance!"
It is not enough to cajole friends
And threaten enemies alike
Into participating in the fight against an
Incomprehensibly bitter enemy.

It is not enough to gaze
With tear rusted eyes at the TV screen
While twin towers, again and again crumple
To the ground in a chaos of smoke and blood.
It is not enough to hurl letters back and forth
Across the whole of the earth
Condemning acts of terror and their repercussions.

It is not enough to sing songs of well deserved praise
To heroes alive and dead,
Pouring our tears onto the burial mounds.
It is not enough to wave our flags promising reprisals
Against the perpetrators of this catastrophe upon the world.


We must also plunge into the souls of those who
Could perform such acts
And ask ourselves "How have we come to this?"
"What have we done to create this rage?"
We must creep behind our need to fill the air
With patriotic songs,
And feel into those desperate hearts
And wounded souls to ask,
"What could have brought them to this impasse?
What frustration drove them into this fiery storm,
Forsaking precious life itself
To make an epoch changing declaration?"

It is not enough to blame them!
We MUST understand them,
We must read what was written on their hearts!
We must be one with them
So that we can make another kind of world.

The one we have thus far created
Is not enough!

Paul Rebillot

October 4, 2001

I wanted to share a happy journey to show that there is process being made with all the prayers and energy work being done from everyone.

Journey of Sept 26 2001

The Four Winds Foundation just outside of Fairbanks, has a drumming circle that is meeting Wednesdays and Sundays for the purpose of doing whatever we are called upon do for whomever we are led to help.

In preparing for Wednesday’s journey I took special care in creating sacred space and brought some of my personal power objects into the circle. For my previous trips took me to the WTC and were not only very painful to work in but quite frighting as well.

This trip took me to Central Park, one of my favorite places to go to into when I lived in NYC. There we saw the candle light from those places around that great park were memorials had been made and many people gathered. Some people were singing, some were crying and some were just dazed. Around some of these people were the souls of those who they were praying for. It was just heartbreaking to witness this. Suddenly my spirit teacher started to dance. Then my power animal started her own dance. I was stunned. I asked my teacher what was he doing. This seemed a most disrespectful to do around these people. He said that the dance could make them free. I believe we could be seen on some level, because others started to join in the dance. The music was the drumming from the circle. There in the large field the ancestors of those people in the park that night were dancing, as where the spirits of those that had died and the spirits of the park. However, each participant seemed to hear the music differently. Because I remember a woman dancing ballet while another person danced his tribe’s traditional dance.

Somehow the dance had connected many people. Now some of those that had come to the park to mourned a loved one now were ready to let them go. That was a signal to many of the earth bound souls that they were free to move on. The trees, boulders and the waters around the park created a Lotus looking energy circle around that field. As we left the park we could see a column of silvery shimmers made up of all those souls that were ascending to the next plane of life.

Note: For the first time that I can remember, all the inhabitants of Central Park worked as one. Now besides having had wonderful memories there I see it as a Holy Place

Love and Light


September 23, 2001

All these days after the blasts there are still immense clouds of smoke coming from lower Manhattan. I keep looking for the towers which I used to be able to see from my window. I cannot compute that they are not there. Last night the sky was crystal blue, the buildings were lit with thousands of twinkling lights and backlit with a billowing mass of white smoke. It was breathtakingly (can I say?) beautiful. What happens when so many souls leave their bodies at once? The glow from their combined spirits was electrifying. May it purify our intentions and power our resolve for peace.

xxMama Donna Mama Donna's Tea Garden & Healing Haven

September 23, 2001

Towering Eternal By Donna Henes, Urban Shaman

I have had a very long ritual relationship with the World Trade Center. For more than two decades it has served as my own private/public shrine, an urban Stonehenge for an urban shaman.

Since 1979 the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey and the Lower Manhattan Cultural Council have sponsored 18 of my 26 Vernal Equinox celebrations, Eggs on End: Standing on Ceremony. Tens of thousands of people, a great many of them from the offices upstairs, and many more who were tourists from everywhere coming to get a bird's eye view of America, participated in these cosmic rituals.

Together we have stood up 360 eggs each year on the black marble circular shrine in the center of the Trade Center's vast circular plaza. Altogether we have balanced 6480 eggs in the shadow of those two towering spires. This is almost the exact number of the presumed dead.

I wonder about the fates of all of the building staff people whose names I never knew who have helped to set up and facilitate our public seasonal ceremonies over the years; the guards, the sound guys, the helpers with ladders and brooms, the woman with the key to the bathroom. I pray that they are all safe. And I pray for the thousands of people in those buildings who have added their soulful energy to our celebrations over the years..

I bless them all, I bless us all, alive and dead, ancestor and antecedent, with eggs, with seeds, with sanctity, and with solemn promises that their tragic loss will propel us to build the sort of world where people don't blow each other up.

The last event that I did at the World Trade Center was for the Summer Solstice 1999. Keeping the Fires Burning For Peace was a sunrise to sunset vigil for peace on the planet.

A small but intrepid band showed up in the rain for the 5AM Dawn Dedication. We laid out concentric circles of mirrors on the paved ground. In the center, sat the same 3 circular mirror that serves as our altar at drumming circles. It stood for the year. Surrounding it were 8-2 mirrors which marked the equinox, solstice, cross-quarter day spokes of the annual wheel. Then 13-18‰
mirrors represented the moonths of the year. The next circle was comprised of 365 plastic crystals for the days. Then the outermost ring was a collection of 2001 dime-size crystals in readiness for the millennium.

This modern medicine wheel stayed in place all day, absorbing and reflecting the most direct solar energy of the longest, lightest day of the year. Another group gathered in mid afternoon to chant for peace and inscribe their messages on my day-glo orange Streams of Conscience. Finally at sunset, a crowd gathered to once again chant for peace. At the end, everyone took home one of the small crystals as an amulet to hold that light energy for when they need it.

On several occasions we celebrated the Winter Solstice on the urban beach which was created from the gravel, dirt and sand that had been blasted and dug out from the Manhattan bedrock to create the foundations for the World Trade Center. We built our fire and played our drums on the guts of the Twins that towered over our heads.

The 1986 solstice ceremony was broadcast live via satellite as part of an international solstice simulcast. The aborigines of Australia began the ritual with a chant that traveled westward. There were feeds in from India, Africa, Europe. There was a celebration in California, then Hawaii, making a circle of song around the globe. We were the east coast United States representatives to this communion of positive spirit.

About 250 of us gathered beneath the Twin Towers in the middle of the night to chant for peace. WNYC Radio had a mobile satellite dish there. It recorded us, sent the feed straight down Chambers Street to the Municipal Building and up to the roof where a golden angel sits. She is the satellite up-link for New York City.

This civic guardian angel sent our chant, Chants for Peace * Chance for Peace out into space where it has been trancemitting in ever-expanding waves ever since. It is the only peace message in space.

In the names of all who died, of all who suffered, of all who helped, of all who continue to heal. let us Chant for Peace.

xxMama Donna Mama Donna's Tea Garden & Healing Haven

September 18, 2001

I sit by the pond.
The same sky that suffered wayward planes
now holds seven white feathers.
One solitary stream of silver
cuts across the blue,
then three planes flaunt their freedom.

I have a Teacher,
I shall not want.
I sit down in green grass.
I am led beside still waters.
My soul is restored.

I follow a path of healing
in the Way of the Beloved.

Even though I walk in the shadow of death
I fear evil but know love casts out fear,
drums cast out doom,
circles cast out pain.

You, Holy One, are with me.
My staff,
thy staff,
they comfort me.

You prepare Peace before me
in the presence of my enemies.
You anoint me with sage;
my heart overflows with chants.

Surely goodness
and peace
shall follow me
allow me
to prosper
all the days of my life,
for I dwell in the Beloved's House,
now and forever.

The sky feathers evaporate;
dusk settles in.
After the dark night,
their White Elegance returns

Sharon Blessum

September 18, 2001
Thank you Dan,
My journey last night was one of the hardest I have ever undertaken. The horrible scenes and the weight of the tragedy have forever touched my heart. But, in that tragedy at one point I joined in circle on a Golden Plateau of Light with all of the other shamans and healers from around the world. All joining in Love and Compassion to carry the souls across. It touched me deeply, more deeply than mere words could ever express. Blessings and Love to you Dan. Thank YOU for organizing a global effort, it touches me.
Edmonton, Canada

September 18, 2001

Just an update on the Austin Shamanic Drumming circle. We have our regular drumming this coming Friday evening (9/21) at 7:30 p.m. (Central time). Our intent will be to focus on assisting those, who made that sudden, violent transition, to continue on their journey in a Peaceful understanding. We, of course, will also be focusing on Love, Light & Peace for the whole planet.
Mitakuye Oyasin,
Steve Latham
Quantum Aliveness Coaching

September 17, 2001

Heather & others,
We have already called our drumming circles together… amazing enough everyone is coming straight from their jobs or work and will be here to start by 5:15 pacific standard time… so our circle will be joined with yours in singing forth our prayers; and with Spirit’s help, singing home the souls of those confused and wandering around the areas of these tragedies. **********************************

My husband and I have gathered a large, many branching tree from our land to plant by our tipi, HolyGround, and make prayers for the families and friends whose hearts must be full of shock and overflowing with grief.Thanks for sending your message.
Carol Proudfoot

To all Concerned, If you feel called, please pray for world peace, pray for the families and victims of this morning’s attacks. Where ever you are at 8 PM EST tonight, we would appreciate your combined prayers and well wishes. Thank you. In the Spirit of Love and Peace,
Please forward this message as you feel led.

There will be a prayer circle at The Tansey House in Atlantic Highlands, NJ at 6:30PM., this evening. We are receiving many of the wounded in our area hospitals. I am going to the beach now to begin drumming. Words cannot express the multitude of feeling I have at this time. I pray for my own inner harmony to send to the many in need. Blessings of light and love to you my brothers and sisters on this path of healing,

Dan, Please forward this. Tonite I will be joining the circles around the world to send healing light to those who have been affected by this horrible horrible tragedy. I will also ask my Spirits to be with me as I help the trapped souls to cross. My circle in Edmonton, Canada will be working on Friday individually as well as a group to help the souls cross. My heart is heavy… No one is working today, we are all glued to our respective media outlets. Prayers of Peace and Light.

Yes, Dan, members of my drumming circle are alerted to join in the prayer vigil. We will not meet tonight because many of them are directly affected since we live in New Jersey. One has a son who passes under the World Trade Center in the morniing on his way to school, several people we know work in the area. We will meet tomorrow evening though, to do our grief work and pick up the drumming and prayers that have begun. May the GreatMother hold us as we learn how to be in our lives.
Sharon Healing Path Farm

May the Circle be Unbroken. With Deep Prayers for Love and Peace,

Dear DAn. We will be gathering incoming friday in Helsinki at 5pm local time,-unfortunately we cannot get people together earlier. We will do our best to help. Also I sent Your request forward to our Shaman5 network 5th west coast 3 year training for Foundation of Shamanic Studies. So that they could in their drumming circles take part.
Yours, Katia Båsk

I keep thinking of the pain that the perpetrators must have felt to perform such deeds. If, in our pain, we seek vengeance on them, are we different than they are? Should we seek retribution, or should we seek to understand them and to address the causes of their terrible unhappiness? What would the Dalai Lama do in this circumstance? Questions too big for me to answer. thank you for your soulful message this morning. I have forwarded it to our circle members.

The Austin, TX shamanic drumming circle will be joining this effort tonight at approximately 8:30 p.m. (Central) for any who wish to join us in Spirit. Mitakuye Oyasin…Love, Light & peace Steve Latham

September 17, 2001
Dear Dan,
I am writing on behalf of the Tucson Circle, we are gathering tonight to drum and pray. While setting up the alter this morning I drummed and it came to me that rather than a military shield, we need a shield of energy for peace. A shield against hatred, that is permeable to love and caring. One that helps us see we are all One and violence against one is violence against all. That aiding and promoting violence in any way, governmental or personal perpretrates more of the same.

Thanks Dan for posting letters and prayers.

Lori Levine

September 17, 2001
Dear friends.

We gathered Sptember 13.

Circle called to sprit for peace in this world.
Drumming and ruttling with candle.
Candle light was look like crying.

I will continue player for peace, love and compassion.


Dear Global Shamanic Circles,
the following are more prayers and thoughts from our circle partners around the world. May peace and love prevail, and may comfort come softly and swiftly to all Blessings and love,
Dan Jordinelli
Global Shamanic Circles
red fox wrote:
My prayers and my tears for those in this tragedy. My circle will gather to do journeys to help the stranded souls cross. Peace and Love and Compassion. My heart is breaking.
Peace and love to all
Vixsin/Caroline0 Edmonton, Canada

Dear Dan,
We in the central Virginia USA drumming circle will be holding a prayer circle Friday or Sunday, and are now, as individuals, attending many them our churches. On the large University campus here I see students slowly walking around, holding candles. May Peace prevail and may all stuck spirits be released.

Our Drumming Circle in northern Minnesota will be coming together tonight,Wednesday, at 7PM to help escort souls to the light and to drum for peace,love and compassion in our world. May Mother Earth be surrounded by the light of Love, Peace and Compassion~~
Jeanne Troge

Dear Dan and brother-sisterhood
this comes from my sufi healing list
Dear friends,
from the helplessness and pain and disbelief for what has happened, I share the Prayer for Light. May we each in our own way as well as collectively,offer this to humanity:
O God! Grant us Light in our hearts,
Light in our graves
Light in front of us,
Light behind us
Light to our right, light to our left
Light above us, Light below us
Light in our ears, Light in our eyes
Light on our skin, Light in our hair
Light within our flesh
Light in our blood, Light in our bones.
O God! Increase our light everywhere
O God, Grant us Light in our hearts.
Light on our tongues, Light in our eyes, Light in our ears
Light to our right, Light to our left
Light above us, Light below us
Light in front of us, Light behind us
And Light within our selves
Increase our Light.

Dear Blessed Circle,
I am presently on a trip by car across the United States with an eye on reaching New York, and from there to visit the citadel of beauty that is Egypt. And now I don’t know. I awoke this morning in Englewood, Colorado to the news. I am now in Cheyenne, Wyoming. My thoughts on this trip have been, it truly is America the Beautiful. Her skies and impressive mesas in Arizona and the royal trees of Colorado. Magnificent weather of all kinds,
whether stormy or clear. All the way along, including car trouble, I have thought, how loving a people we are, how helpful, how kind, how cheerful. Loving our sports and celebrating the change of seasons as it comes. And I thought, how safe I feel traveling. And to travel up through Colorado to Wyoming listening to the continuing reports, I saw people with rigged flags at half mast on their trucks, or standing on the highways, or businesses flying flags that all of a sudden appeared at half-mast. The beauty of the pain of all of us collectively. Sadness. The overwhelming support for our fellow man. My heart goes out to those who immigrated here for a new life and how very difficult it must be for them, particularly if blame is being cast at their country of birth. I reach deep within myself and ask us all to be given the gift of compassion. Teach me how to talk to those who would retaliate. Pray that our answer be the highest.
Thank you Circle for supported a vision of compassion and healing for all of us to rest within. I feel your energy even now.

In Circle we gather tonight
Not enough candles
for all those whose Earthly light has been extinguished
Yet our center fire we shall tend and hold strong
with prayers and songs through this darkness long
Our faces salty with our tears
Earth, too, she is weeping, her body soaked
as she is wondering, groaning and moaning
‘What oh what is happening with her childlren.’
Carol Proudfoot

The Fort Wayne shamanic drumming circle and friends will meet Wednesday night at 6 P.M. to drum for healing for the people whose lives were so devastatingly affected today. Our hearts and prayers go out to all whose lives have been wounded by these senseless acts. From the heartland, we send our blessings. Our hearts are heavy.
Peace and blessings to all,
Laurie Schmidt and the Fort Wayne Drumming Circle

Sunday, September 16, 2001–at 2:30pm,Chicago Time,
Sage Spirit Terra is Inviting Everyone to a Drum Circle (it is a journey/healing Circle) to continue to blanket the Earth with Lighted Love for calm & peace & to carry all the Souls to the Light.
Please join us in prayer if you can’t be here in person. Will also pray for our leaders–that wisdom & peace prevails. We need to continue our prayers & step forward in Unity of Lighted Love for All.
This is a New Moon Drumming–We ask for what we want manifest by the Full Moon. We will be requesting Peace, Harmony & Forgiveness–Sending Love to All-even the terrorists & their organizations–Sending a message of Love
& Unity, not hate.

Shalom Friends !
The heart is broken and the throat is suffocated…and there is hard silent in the air.
I can't find words to write…there are many words that wants to be said but each of them diluted with tears… and it is so hard to write tears; o write tears…

Our government declared a national mourning today. The public buses are driving with lights in day time, the flags are at half-mast and we are bending our heads with sorrow… Today early in the morning, before sunrise, our drumming circle met on the sand of the Mediterranean Sea.We had planed a week ago to make a ritual to welcome the Hebrew New Year which will be next week. But our hearts and souls led us to dedicate this morning to the American people. We drummed and rattled for a long time, facing the horizon of the sea…All of us felt so much sorrow and pain coming from the West..a black cloud covers the sky… a big shadow…and hurling holding our bodies…and there is big silent in the air…
I have no words but a big hug to you.
Love Ziva

Dear Ones,
I just did some psychopomp work, and am so very touched by the Love and wisdom of Spirit. Many of those that loss their lives rescuing their fellows humans beings are now unite in Spirit form, shinning their Light with Love to help us here on Earth, to deal with the pain that this tragedy has caused. One firefighter said that his mission of Love to others would not be ceased by the destruction of his body. He showed me a great circle of beings united by heart sending light around our planet. Their Spirit console my heart, that in tears asked for strength. We must be heal of hatred and fear. This is the causing of all sufferings. Humanity ills are originate by the ignorance of the true source of healing-Love.
The men, women and children that loss their lives, are being taken by beings of infinite love and compassion. They too must decide now, in their Spirit form, to exist in Love. The power of Love has been underrated. We really have never try to love to our full potential. Now we have an opportunity. It is all in our hearts, in our souls.
Consciousness never ceases to exist, let the Spirit of Light guide it. We must realize and live Love. Do not fear its power. Do not fear its light.
There are still many that cannot understand their new state of being, so we must continuo praying and working with Love and acceptance in a Higher Source of Wisdom in order to help these Souls. We need each other whatever we are here or, in Spirit form. You make a difference.
I would like to thank you my dear ones, for your Love, hope and for your mission of light. Let us not be victims of ignorance, lets be brave and stand with love, above and beyond our questions and judgements. Trust is power. This is our new dream. A dream of a peaceful world. A dream of communion to all our relations.
Many blessings and much light.

Thanks for calling the circles together yesterday and for your circle’s leadership and prayers and for your very elogquent words of appreciation to Ziva. My journeys during the time we were drumming were both horrifying and reassuring. At one point I was most struck by seeing the energy and prayers emanating from churches all over this country. It was a glowing warmth and light that surprised me and reassured me that goodness was emanating from these congregations.
Having drummed and felt connection with Spirit and other circles and people of prayer I felt more in touch with my heart and Spirit than I had all day.
Again thank you for your leadership.
Love, Lanz

Val Delnick wrote:
I, as well as most of the world, walk with heavy heart and the deep well of sorrow that shrouds every thought and action. I pray, knowing that is perhaps all I can do. I watched the Bill Moyers program this early eve on PBS. It will be on again Thurs. I don’t know who he will have on the program, but if it is anything like tonite’s, it is not to be missed. A very different focus. (Tonite he had a humanities professor from Columbia, and his minister.) It was amazing. The thing I took away from it this evening was the idea of just being still, not stimulating feelings of anger or hate, not tring to find reasons or placing blame…just to be still and allow the body to come to a place of rest…allowing it to heal the mind and heart in that still place.
Love, blessings and peace,
Valerie Delnick