Shamanic Circles calls for Remembrance and Prayers
on Sept 11, 2002


Dear Circles,
Everyone is probably aware there has been a 'call' for individuals to join in activities on Sept 11, remembering the victims of the terrorists attacks that took place in the USA a year ago.

As Circles and individuals practicing the shaman's way, we are part of an ancient lineage of people who knew the importance of ceremonies honoring the dead and of the continued healing needed for both victims and survivors involved in traumatic deaths.

Yet our call extends, too, beyond these directly effected. The 'world' is our community and the wounds in the world arising from these events are great indeed. The forces of darkness seem so profoundly at war with the powers of Light today.

We invite each of us, each of our Circles, to take time this September 11th and offer prayers and healing for those who died on behalf of the world. Perhaps we could do this at the very time the planes crashed into the world center (for times, see below). Perhaps we could journey and see if there is something Spirit wishes for us to do in our Circles. If you journey and learn something, please share with the rest of us.

There are those events in history which mark our world by the terrible destructiveness they set in motion. Shamans are called to be concerned for the psyche health of their communities - so when these terrible events occur, they know it's time to put aside momentarily, pick up their drum, use their rattles, their musical instrument, and lift their voice in great supplication-- --asking Spirits to take pity on us frail humans who have lost our way.

May we Circle together and so supplicate, on behalf of specific individuals and for the Whole.

Carol Proudfoot-Edgar and Dan Jordinelli

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  American Airlines Flight 11
crashed into the WTC at 8:45a.m. EST

United Airlines Flight 175
crashed into the WTC at 9:03a.m. EST

American Airlines Flight 77
crashed into the Pentagon at 9:43a.m. EST

United Airlines Flight 93
crashed just southeast of Pittsburgh at
10:00a.m. EST
Dear Global Shamanic Circles,

The Los Angeles Circle, "Birds of a Feather" met on Friday, August 23rd and it was a very powerful and emotional circle. As we gathered for the fire ceremony, a circle attendee brought out a photo of Ground Zero and proceeded to share the story of his sister who is a survivor of September 11th.

Another attendee was a California department volunteer who assisted in the search and cleanup at Ground Zero. He is now returning to New York September 11th, for a special ceremony where his group is being honored for their work.

We began our circle by calling in the spirits with beautiful drumming and rattling. The rhythm was full of energy and love. We journeyed to our ancestor spirits. We asked them to give us messages of healing that we then joined with our prayers and infused them both into three crystals.

One crystal is going to be placed at Ground Zero by Michael, the gentleman whose group is being honored on 9/11. One crystal was sent to Nancy who survived and exited the WTC on 9/11. One crystal was sent to Ziva in Israel for the Middle East.

Our circle asks that we all join together as we activate these crystals, and all our crystals and the crystals within our loving Mother Earth, with love, peace, blessings, healing and gratitude: for all the victims, heroes, and their families; for all Mother Earth's creatures; for Mother Earth herself; for our Universe; so that peace, love, and harmony will prevail.

Gather up your crystals and begin to infuse them with your healing powers and love, carry them around with you, and connect with all crystals. Holding our intentions, especially at the specific times on September 11th, will set up the most powerful crystal grid around and through Mother Earth, to the far reaches of the universe. Those who must be at work, school, or elsewhere, bring your crystal with you and let's all join in from where we are.

In addition to the crystal, we gave Michael a rose quartz carved dog to honor those canines who assisted in the search, those who lost their lives, and all the creatures involved on that day and the days following.

Our circle is gathering from 5:30am (Pacific), 8:30am (Eastern) till 7:30am (Pacific), 10:30am (Eastern) on September 11th to join in with the ceremony at Ground Zero, and with everyone, everywhere.

Elaine and The Tansey House circle of Atlantic Highlands will be holding their circle on the beach across the bay from Ground Zero beginning at 8:30a.m. Eastern Time.

Blessings of peace, light, and love,
Global Shamanic Circles
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From Elaine and The Tansey House.....
Dan, Your posting is very inspiring. This is a message from The Tansey House circle we plan to be on the beach across the bay from NYC in Atlantic Highlands, NJ. I was at this spot praying, watching the smoke, feeling the pain, confusion and anger for many, many days after 9/11/01. I believe that being in an area where the waters touch the shore will be very powerful.

Anyone who is able to join we will begin at 8:30 AM and finish 11:30 AM. People can join as they can. We will be drumming rattling, singing, dancing and praying for peace and harmony for our Mother Earth for all her creatures. People can bring crystals that will join with others to grid our Earth with our prayers. I would suggest that the intention be put in to the crystal before people come, if they choose to come after 8:30. Thank you Dan and Carol for spearheading this beautiful healing

Please contact me if you need anymore information. Anyone who
would like to join us in person can email me
or 732-291-0379.
Blessings of peace love and harmony,
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Please join us in person if you are in New York City.
Please join us in spirit if you are elsewhere.

SEPTEMBER 11, 2002
6:30 PM

Let us join together in community, in compassion, in love, and join our united prayers for peace for our selves, each other, our city, our world, our species and the entire universal order.

There is a significant planetary configuration (Jupiter opposite Neptune) that will be exact on September 11. All sincere prayers and intentions of forgiveness are enhanced by this cosmic configuration. It is a celestially auspicious time to join our loving thoughts and ideals with the millions of people around the world who will also be praying for peace on that day.

Let us raise the spirit to invoke and empower peace.

Children, drums, instruments and candy to share are encouraged.
Please wear white and bring a white scarf and a candle.

One by one, in tiny increments,
candle by candle, gesture by effort,
wish by prayer, concern by care,
we feed the life-fires of the soul
and light the infinite universe,
little by little from within.


xxMama Donna
P.S. Call to volunteer 718-857-2247
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Hi Dan,

Thanks for the e-mail. It brought tears to my eyes just remembering sitting on my coffee table watching the TV in horror. It is hard to believe a year has passed.

Tell me, are you physically meeting at 5:30 am or meeting spiritually? Keep me posted.

I will be going to a circle meeting in Alhambra September 9th. If anyone is in the area and wants to go, please have them contact me. Also, my church (The Santa Anita Church) is having a ceremony of remembrance on September 11, 7:00 PM at the church which is located at 226 West Colorado Blvd. (across from the racetrack). Phone number is 626-446-8206. Santa Anita is a non-denominational, new thought church... I call it the "Happy Church". Just in case there are folks that feel a need for companionship, comfort or grieving, everyone at the church is really nice.

Karen Muranko
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Our Sacred Circle here in Virginia is charging crystals for peace to add to the grid. We have seven medicine wheels and sacred circles here in the Shenandoah Valley just about two hours outside of D.C. to join in honoring this day. All have been notified and will join in the peace grid. Many Blessings to you...
Wolfelder Adriel

Our Sacred Circle will be meeting in seven different Medicine Wheels and sacred spaces here in the Shenandoah Valley. We stand as one circle but want all seven of the medicines to be connected to the grid to increase peace energies. All seven circles have specific crystals for linking to the grid for peace.

Each of the seven circles will be under the guidance of a woman who has volunteered to hold ceremony and sacred energy within her space during this sacred time of remembrance. Some women are choosing to hold the circle alone but connected to the other circles and some have invited others to join.

Our circles will meet with others around the world during an 8:30a.m. - 10:30a.m. EST time frame. The individual circles will have prayers, drumming, singing, tobacco offerings, and feather ceremonies to carry to the prayers and request of remembrance and peace to the Great Spirit.

We are part of the Circle Of Hearts Medicine Wheels that have been built around the globe on a grid for peace over the past six years, so we will be activating that grid as well as the crystal grid.

May Spirit continue to light our way to peace and healing. ....
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Onion Shamanic Drumming Circle meets Monday, September 9 at 7:30 PM, in North Hills.

This is a reminder that like every second and fourth Monday, the Onion Shamanic Drumming Circle will meet at 7:30 PM this coming Monday. This circle falls just before September 11 and we will have a special ceremony and sharing time to continue the healing. Please remember you are invited to bring something to place on the altar and everything you need to be comfortable. Also a special reminder, bring a journal to record your experiences and thoughts.

We will share the big drum and have at least one journey as has become our tradition. Arrive early if you want to participate in smudge at 7 PM. We will discuss a special "fifth Monday" circle for September 30 as we mark the first anniversary of the opening this month.
With the blessings of spirit,
Richard and Jennifer Dier
818 893-8337
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A year has passed and the empty space has become bigger …
The heart is broken and I can’t find words to write …
there are many words that wants to be said but each of them diluted with tears…
and it is so hard to write tears…

Thank you for the crystal you sent to Israel, the crystal that you took
with you to Ground Zero in July, where you did a ceremony for all the
victims and heroes of 9/11/02.

As we know every crystal has its own unique shape and this crystal looks like a huge tear to me. It holds so much in it, so much pain and sorrow, and with it the rays of the sun are shining through it and a rainbow appears. A colorful rainbow that connects us all around the world with our pain with our sorrow and with our prayers.

Dan, thank you for your call to pray on September 11, I’ll join you
all on this day, I believe that every prayer and every gathering helps.

With prayer and heart from Israel.
Ziva Garbi
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Dear Friends and Circles,

Our Santa Cruz Drum Circle has two plans for Sept 11 'Day of Remembrance and Healing'.

First, I shared with our Drum Circle, the email from the Los Angeles "Birds of a Feather" Drum Circle that Dan Jordinelli had sent to all Circles.

We, too, had already been working with crystals and now have consciously aligned our work with the Circle in Los Angeles, the crystal Ziva is holding in Israel (for the Middle East), the crystal Michael is taking to the WTC site, and with the crystal 'dog' representing
those Beings who both rescue the lost and assist souls in crossing over. Finally we are creating a the wider 'crystal grid of healing' in the shape of a crystal canoe that will ride the winds carrying our songs and prayers. We are gathering our crystals now and infusing them with prayer, healing vibrations, and carrying them around with us daily.

They are set out at night to absorb the amazing powers held in the Night Sky -- the stars and planets that some people consider to be both our Ancestors and our Descendants. These are the Ancestors who continue to be Guardians of our planet home; these are also our Descendants seeking a safe landing field on Earth and for whom we, too, seek to create a field of loving, receptive energy.

In addition, the crystals absorb the eternal Lights-of-the-Night which have both comforted and guided humans from the first days of Creation.

We shall bring these crystals to our Circle that is gathering early, early on the morning of Sept 11, 2002 so that our time of meeting here on the West Coast of California is congruent with the time of first impact on the World Trade Center. Actually we shall be meeting 30 minutes earlier in order to set up our crystal canoe of healing so that our drumming, songs, and prayers shall be a counterbalance to the horrific impact experienced at 8:45am EST in New York City. Just as many will be seeing and remembering the sounds and sight of that first plane crashing into the World Trade Center (and the subsequent violent manifestations), so too do we hope that the sounds and sight of people drumming and praying will be a reminder that we can choose how we shall impact our world; also, we can choose how we respond to violent impact in our world.

As we focus and use our crystals for sending prayers and songs around the world, we know that we are aligning with many, many others who are giving of their hearts and spirits to the deep healing that is needed from the continuing wounds of terror and war - whose conflagration began when American Airlines Flight 11 crashed into the WTC at 8:45a.m. EST on Sept 11th, 2001.

After doing our shamanic ceremony together, some of us are going to our community's local commemoration of this day. It seems important to us to both gather in our shamanic circle and to support our local community - especially as this gathering seeks to further the cause of peace in the World.

I am going to take my spirit medallion from the "spiral threaded rope" of another Drum Circle here in Santa Cruz: the women healers drum circle. These are primarily women physicians who have been meeting monthly for five years. We offer an annual Spring retreat for other women healers and this piece that I am taking to hang on a prayer tree represents the ongoing commitment to healing --- as long as needed -- indefatigable in our tending.

Just as there has been a recognition of our emergency service people in the fire and police departments, so too do those in our health care professions find themselves very much on the front line of such emergencies. In my shamanic work with these physicians, I have come to appreciate their sense of service and compassion. And, in a time of serious problems in the providing of health services, it is easy to forget the selfless, compassionate nature which is so integral to most people in these professions; and manifested in how they practice their tending to others. I've come to realize how much we need to be honoring and respecting all those who serve the greater whole---from whatever occupation. This medallion represents my prayer of thanks for all those who respond in their outreach and service to others.

For those of you who work with crystals, it might interest you to know that we are setting up this crystal grid network to culminate with the arrival of darkness on the night of Sept 11 -- infusing them with song, prayers, and drumming throughout that day.

Our decision to use crystals was prompted from two different Circles using these crystals for assisting souls in crossing over last year in Montana on Sept. 14th and doing similar work in Los Angeles at the Foundation for Shamanic Studies "Dying and Beyond Course" that I taught there late last Fall. Our Circle here will be using the same crystals as we used in Montana and in Los Angeles --- those crystals have vibrated with power and healing energies throughout this year.

Just as Dan Jordinelli spoke of a quartz crystal dog (honoring the canines who assisted, and continue to assist, in rescue work), we are constructing a crystal canoe which includes having a crystal Dog at the front of the canoe. It is an ancient custom to employ the 'spirit services' of either a Dog/Canine or a Horse, combined with a canoe, in carrying Souls along the Great River connecting all Realms.

So if any of you work with crystals or other stones, you might consider carrying one around with you for these days preceding Sept 11th---while holding, consciously speak or sing prayers into the crystal, and on the night of Sept 10th, set the crystal (s) outdoors somewhere and, with intention, sing through it to connect with this larger grid.

This type of crystal web healing is classical shamanism in parts of the Southern Hemisphere; we are learning again the principles behind these methods and how to activate crystals through sound and intention. (Think of a crystal radio set --- except this time we are the 'senders' and someone else/some spirit (s) is on the other end of the radio set!!).

For some shamanic peoples, placing crystals in the body of the person and/or the body of Earth, then singing through them, was a way to set up a harmonious grid that led to healing deep within the body, within the tissues. It is this 'grid of healing' that we are doing on Sept 11th--not with presumption about any special powers or outcomes but with the understanding that we need to be sounding and giving Voice to healing -- doing whatever we can to contribute to 'soundness' of being NOW as the noise of violence fills the air; and many of the sounds unleashed in this time of great conflict are those that would set heart and soul on constant edge. We seek to sing songs of the Soul's original purpose to love and be the beloved. So please join - however you can.

For further updates about 9/11/02 ceremonies, you can go to the website of Shamanic Circles ( Also, send any material you wish to be posted to me at this email: or to Dan Jordinelli at:

We look forward to activating this crystal healing grid and joining with others on Sept 11th for a Day of Remembrance and Healing.

Blessings and love,
Carol Proudfoot-Edgar
Santa Cruz Drum Circle
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I will join in the prayers and crystal grid in the days ahead, and on Sept 11. The crystals I will use for this ceremony have been a part of global healing ceremonies at Oracle AZ, where many gathered from around the world to pray for peace and Earth healing in Spring of 2000 and 2002. I will connect with you my Sisters and Brothers, with all the prayerful, with the Beings of Light inside of and surrounding the Earth.
Gayle P
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Kindred Spirits
Just to let you know that I have connected your crystal grid with that of the Andes in Peru. We have workshops here in New York area. I have just gotten back from Peru where I sit and receive the newer frequencies of lightness of the grid. I have been leading journeys there for 10 years. The sacred mountains of Peru are in deep gratitude for your work . Very grateful to be connecting with all of you. This is a global effort.
With love,
Eleanora Amendolara
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