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Summer Solstice 2001

Dear Circles,
In all shamanic cultures, the Sun is a major power in the Universe and the peoples recognize this. Thus, on the Solstices when the Sun "stands still" or seems to pause momentarily, various ceremonies and activities focusing on the power of the Sun take place. Often these ceremonies focused both on the celestial body of the Sun and on its earthly representative, Fire. Fire was a way to be in direct contact with the Sun. The sacred fire, often the ritual "circle" fire was the center of such activities. In some cultures, a "new fire" was made in the center of the village; old fires extinguished, and from the new fire all other fires were begun for the next year. In some cultures, this occurred at Summer Solstice---in others at the Winter Solstice.The making of this new fire was considered sacred and done in a way so that no polluting influences occurred (that is, no dishonoring) and the rules surrounding the making and use of such fire were understood.

Underlying all these ceremonies was the deep appreciation for the gift of both Sun and Fire—without which Earth would not exist. Many of the old stories indicate that some "beings" worked on behalf of the world, on behalf of the animals (including humans) to persuade the Sun to be present and/or to obtain the gift of fire. As we celebrate this forthcoming Solstice (whether in the Northern or Southern Hemispheres), perhaps we can take time to share the creation stories from our own homelands, and do ceremonies full of joy and thanksgiving for these gifts. Just as these universal powers enable Earth to prosper, may we also take some time to consider what we can offer to others and to Earth out of our gratitude.

Our Santa Cruz Circle plans, among other things, to share stories and make music together. In the spirit of spreading the "tales" by which we know ourselves, I am including two short stories from North America. There are hundreds of stories focused on these topics. I chose these simply because one speaks of how the animals worked on behalf of the Whole; the other speaks to tending the sacred nature of Fire (I assume this to be both the Fire within and the Fire without). As is customary with many such legends, they are both humorous and serious.

If you have stories to share, please send and we will post them here at
If you would like to share your plans for the Solstice with other shamanic Circles, please send a description to Dan Jordinelli, our Global Circles web coordinator.

Through this type of sharing, we gather in our consciousness that, just as we are not individuals "alone" on this planet, each Circle also lives within a larger Orbit of interlacing Circles---- blessing, healing, making prayer, and walking our gratitude together.

In addition to sharing stories, our DrumCircle shall take time to send our blessings and songs with the intention to encircle the Earth with our love and gratitude --- and asking the Wind Spirit to carry our prayers to other ShamanicCircles gathering to honor the Solstice. May each of you feel the Wind brushing you with our prayers.
Blessings and joy,

June 20, 2001

Sage Spirit Terra Invites You To Join Us As We Drum To Restore Balance & Harmony To Mother Earth.
Summer Solstice Drum Circle
Thursday, June 21, 2001 Starts Promptly at 7:30PM
We will meet on 20 Acres of Healing Spirit Land. Enjoy the Energy of the Plants & Animals as they encourage the Healing of Our Hearts. Our Drum Circle will allow us to Thank the Great Mother Earth & the Great Central Sun that provides Nutrients also. Maybe a Pipe Ceremony too.
Directions: Sage Spirit Terra, 9464 N. Meer Rd. (600W) Michigan City, IN 46360 From I-94 take Exit 40-B. Go under the expressway to the first road on the Right at the Visitors Center - Go North 3 miles to the last house on the left - It is Yellow. If you get to Frazier Rd or Rt. # 12 - you went too far - go back - 1st house on the Right.
Donations Graciously Received for the Use of the Land. $5.00 to $10.00 or what ever you can - ALL ARE WELCOME

Please contact Marilee Ann Snyder at (219) 879-3906 (Indiana) 24 hour Voice Mail is (312) 326 - 3261 in the Chicago Area or e-mail:

June 20, 2001

Summer Solstice Drumming Circle
June 22nd 6 pm to 8 pm Goodnow Grove - Crete Illinois
Goodnow Grove is just 1.2 miles east of 394 on Goodnow Road.

We want 100 drums to resound and carry the Solstice energy to transform the plans for the proposed Peotone Airport.
Come! Bring your drums, rattles, flutes and Voices!
We want to establish a continuous drumming for two hours to awaken the land, and ask all the creatures, beings and spirits to support the effort to keep the land peaceful and unspoiled!

Ceremony begins at 6 pm. Drumming , Dancing, Singing, Honoring of the Spirts and the Solstice!
Bring everyone you know! Pass it On!
Shut This Airport Nightmare Down!
Pat O'Malley

June 19, 2001

Dear Dan and Carol !
On June 21, our circle will celebrate the Summer Solstice and will join the larger circle that will encircling the world. We'll meet very early in the morning, before sunrise, on the dunes of the Mediterranean Sea and will welcome the sun that will rise in the East, by drumming, singing and dancing. When the sun will be in the sky at its wholeness we'll walk down to the seashore. There on the sand everyone of us will draw her own life's labyrinth and will walk in it.
By re-walking our life's path and by stopping at milestones in our life's journey we'll honor the sacred path of life.
Then we plan to make a big labyrinth for our country Israel in the shape of the double spiral and to walk in it. In the turning point of the double spiral, in the heart of the labyrinth in the center, we'll plant a prayer tree and will send our prayers for peace in the Middle East.

We are sending you light, peace and love from Israel
Thank you for tending.
Ziva Garbi

June 12, 2001

Here is the Summer Solstice chapter from Donna Henes' book, Celestially Auspicious Occasions: Seasons, Cycles, and Celebrations. It has much multi-cultural info and myth regarding the sun.
Donna ask us to post and share this with other ShamanicCircles.

April 8, 2001
Beltane Fires

Please forward this message to anyone you know who is concerned for the welfare of the earth.


The ancient Celtic feast of Beltane is nearly upon us. At this time, the ancestors prayed for the safety of their herds, lighting enormous blazes on hilltops as part of the springtime ritual.

Today we see the urgency of prayers for the healing of animals and our relationship to them, as well as for the planet itself. Please join in the ceremonial relighting of Ireland's ancient Beltane Fires, the Fire-Eye Festival, in your own community:

*Light a Beltane Fire.
From April 27 through May 1, place a light in your window to signify your solidarity with the animals and those who tend them. The soft flame of a candle is a tiny echo of those ancient blazes (for safety reasons you may wish to use an electric light). As you light your Beltane Fire each night, join us in this prayer:

Prayer for Beltane

This is the season when, in ancient times, great fires were lit upon hilltops to signify the coming of spring and to pray for an abundant summer.At that time too the ancient Celtic peoples drove their herds near the Beltane fires, praying for the health and protection of the cattle.Now, in this time of desperate pain for animals and farmers, we light again the fires of spring in our hearts and in our homes, in our windows and our spirit.

As we do, we remember:
The health of the herds is the health of the people.
The health of the herds is the health of the earth.
The life of the herds is the life of the people.
The life of the herds is the life of the earth.
Lighting the flames of Beltane, we pray for healing:
Healing for the animals.
Healing for those who care for the animals.
Healing for the land.
Healing for us all.

*Join us in daily meditation.
At 12 noon and 6 pm, pause for a few moments and send your thoughts, energies, prayers that our relationship with the earth, and especially with earth's other animals, be healed. The people of Europe whose herds have been recently devasted will especially welcome your prayers and energies.

*Gather in solidarity with Fire Eye.
On April 28, Ireland will relight the ancient fires, both inner and outer. A ceremonial fire will blaze from the sacred central hill, Uisneach, while a vigil is kept beneath. The vigil will be held for 24 hours, and we welcome the distant support of those who wish to light their own fires. Send a message to stating who you are, when you will meet and where, and adding any comments or prayers. Your names will be read out at the vigil in Ireland, and your prayers become part of the sacred fire.
You can find information at

Thank you for sending this to others and for adding your prayers to ours.
Please check our website for additional information and details.



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