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Summer Solstice 2007
· Hazelton, PA
· Cromwell, Indiana

Hazleton, PA


MOTHER EARTH IS SINGLE MINDED. . . .She is purposeful, proactive, results orientated. Her focus, Her objectives change with each Season. Summer is Her Season to work, to grow her crops of the year. Summer too is our easy time to work our purpose, our projects, our personal undertakings for this good year. Summer is our time to create value in our lives, so that the Creator might invest the Life Force in us for yet another year. Come, Remember, Come join Mother Earth in working our common fields of consciousness in this good Summer Season. Come work with the Sacraments of this scarlet Summer Season; Father Fire of the Sun, the Old Ones of the South, the Green Corn People.

YES, ONCE AGAIN, it's one of those times when we get separated. We get disconnected from our Heritage; disconnected from the Life Force, disconnected from the Earth, from each other, from our true selves, from reason. Soon then, the crusades, the wars begin.

SO, IN CEREMONY, we'll remember our Heritage, the Heritage of the Earth, the Heritage of our Peoples, your personal Heritage too. In Ceremony we'll recognize the shallowness of "living in the now". In Ceremony we'll reconnect with Heritage. In Ceremony we'll regain our Power to grow our Lives, to grow our Souls, to live Totally, in this wonderful, marvelous, good Summer Season.

DATE and TIME: Sunday, June 24, 2007; we will begin PROMPTLY at 4:00 pm.

BRING: Folding chairs, cushions, wood for the Fire, Ceremony stuff, drinking fluids. Note that Clique Sticks will be provided so that everyone "will have a drum". No alcohol, drugs, or pets. PLEASE COME EARLY and help set up the poles and ribbons. Donations are encouraged and much appreciated.

PLEASE JOIN US, after Ceremony, in a delightful sit down dinner of "Seed to Plate" local whole foods provided by The Turtle Lane Café, at a cost of $12, RSVP.

DIRECTIONS: from Interstate route I-80, take exit 158, follow ALTERNATIVE PA 220 south. Go 9.5 miles, passing the Keystone Glider Port on your left, after another 0.5 mile, turn right onto "Julian Woods Lane", follow the "Turtle" signs.

INFORMATION & RSVP: John; 814.355.9401; Debbie, 814.353.1270; or Email Sunny at

CONTACT JOSEPH: for program details and free information about our work: TEL: 570.454.6491, or Email:

Photo by Copyright Leslie Robin 2006. "Corn Planting Ceremony, Mahoning Valley CSA".

"HEALING THRU SPIRIT WORK: THE TECHNOLOGY OF THE SACRED. . . " Joseph J. Burinsky AIA, Shamanic Practitioner
Nationally Certified Bereavement Facilitator and Palliative Care Specialist.
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Rock Shamanic Drum Circle
Cromwell, Indiana
Summer Solstice Celebration
Sunday, June 24, 2007 6.30 pm on.....

The members of the Circle as well as community members were invited to walk the Labyrinth in silent meditation inside the Rock Church building, at their own pace and time.

At 8.30 pm a large fire was built in the circle of rocks outside and we gathered drumming and sounding our Animals. Helping Spirits were summoned from four directions. The evening was still and the air was soft. Multitude of birds were still singing in the trees and chimney swifts were gathering in their aerial antics above our circle.

We drummed the Sun down and continued drumming and journeying and sending our individual prayers to the Spirit of Fire and Smoke to circle the Earth. We envisioned that the smoke from our fire was joining with all the fires around the globe for healing of the Earth.

We felt the Spirit presence strongly: This land was used for many years in the past by Native Americans as their summer fishing/hunting ground. Many artifacts can still turn up when the fields are plowed.

As the darkness began to fall and the stars popped out one by one and the moon had a color of bright gold, we were treated to an amazing light show of fire-flies in the tall grass surrounding the area. The very air above the grasses sparkled with them.

After our feast of food, we dispersed , some for a drive home through the dark forest roads. Some still lingered by the fire. We all felt the Blessing from this celebration.
Submitted by Pirkko
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