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Summer Solstice 2008
Asseret Drumming Circle, Israel
· Sunbury, PA
· Cromwell, IN

Summer Solstice Celebration
Rock Healing Circle,
Indiana Sunday, June 24, 2008

Our Solstice Celebration was held on the meadow, surrounding the Rock Church, an inter-faith, non-denominational church in Cromwell, IN This meadow is surrounded by forests on two sides.

There had been thunder and lightening with heavy downpour all afternoon. One hour before the Celebration, the skies cleared and the sun came out.

A large fire was built, piece of coal from fires, going back 1500 years was added to the fire. Before gathering around the fire, participants were offered an opportunity to silently walk the labyrinth inside the church. Music was softly playing. A small tree previously planted by the Circle members was chosen as a prayer tree.Many colored feathers and ribbons were hung on its tiny branches.

Helping Spirits from four directions were summoned. We offered yellow cornmeal and sage to the Spirit of Fire and made prayers for the Mother Earth and her suffering children all over the planet. We made private prayers also, one by one offering corn meal to the fire. We drummed, sang and danced and shared.

In the middle of the drumming we became aware that we were being watched: On the East edge of the meadow, under the trees were 6 paint horses, who now had stopped eating and stood quietly looking at us and listening. Shortly there after on the South edge of the meadow were about a dozen large black cows, who also had stopped to look and listen.

We feasted on wonderful snacks.Both our spirits and bodies were full. We closed the Circle and were just getting into our cars when thunder clouds again filled the sky and a torrential rain started.
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Asseret Drumming Circle, Israel
We returned from our solstice ceremony on the shore of the Medditeranean sea. We are seven women who meet once a month for a drumming circle here in Israel.

We honored the place that we are in by calling our ancestors from above and below and asking them to guide us with their wisdom. We assembled our sacred altar with 4 stones from our home circle representing the 4 directions, sun flowers and other plants and each one placed an object of their own that has spiritual meaning for them on the altar.

We then built a volcano on the shore line with a shaft down the center and 4 entrances on the base, filled them with paper. We were called by the decending sun to our drums. We spent a moving 20 minutes drumming down the sun over the sea and then lit the volcano. We saw this as a symbol of the power of fire that can be used for our universal benefit if we join together and honor the earth and its elements.

We then dug canals from the volcano to the sea and joined fire and water. We sent offerings to the land and the water by sprinkling cornmeal and tobacco in the sea and on the shore.

In closing each of us told the story of our sacred objects and we made pledges as to how we will honor mother earth and her beings each day until the autumn equinox. We send our blessings to all the circles around the earth. May we all have peace and balance!!
Asseret drumming circle, Israel
Ruth Horodi
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