Date: Sat, 23 Dec 2000 08:16:59 -0500
Subject: The Tansey House
Place: Atlantic Highlands, New Jersey

Greetings and blessed season of light to all from The Tansey House. We held our Solstice Celebration opening with drumming, dancing and singing to honor our compassionate helping spirits. We placed our prayer intentions for healing in the circle, many of us have been asked to pray for health and harmony of our loved ones and other and we have found that the circle has helped in those requests. We then meditated on seeing and connecting with our internal light and allowing it to grow and shine through us. After the meditation we journeyed on how we can allow our light to shine in our daily lives, in ordinary reality. The answers were simple in their profundity. Each person was given a candle lit from a source candle and an affirmation from Spirit. Thank you all who work so beautifully to connect us and now the addition of a Web of Light We truly are One. Blessings of peace, hope and light, Elaine

Holiday Invocation 2000

I invite everyone to take a moment and reflect upon the passing of another year as we celebrate this holiday season. The closing of the year 2000 completes many chapters: a decade; a century; and an incredible millennium. We now prepare to open the first page of a new chapter: the year 2001.

Those of us who remember Stanley Kubrick's movie 2001..A space Odyssey, may have expereienced the same eerie reaction I did...WOW.. that's a thousand years away. Yet here it is.. already upon us.. as we stand proudly on the threshhold of the 21st Century, the year 2001, a new millennium. We are living testimony that it...and we..are really here!

Our ancestors are the ones who paved the way for what we take for granted in our present day; trains; planes; space flights to the moon...mars...and beyond. It is within this last century that man has created the vast technological world we now know. A world our Great- Grandparents would never quite understand...the advances we complacently know as everyday life.

Our Ancestors are the native peoples of this land; those who travelled far to arrive on the shores of this promised land; and those who came here unwillingly as slaves. They, like we, are as diverse as the colors of the rainbow.

Our Ancestors knew that freedom and peace are the two things that should never be compromised. They worked hard, fought wars, even gave their lives to preserve the freedom for the people of this great land. It is for their committments and sacrifices that we now enjoy the harvest of their labor. WE ARE THE LUCKY ONES

We all desire peace in our lifetime... a world without war... a legacy we can proudly hand down to our descendants. World Peace is not unreachable, it is very possible... it's right here, right now... it's within each of us... for that is where peace begins.

As Emmet Fox said... "There is no difficulty that enough love will not conquer; no disease that enough love will not heal; no door that enough love will not open. If only you could love enough, you would be the happiest and most powerful being in the world".

Whatever prejudice, jealousy, misunderstandings we may have, if we replace them with love, there would be no need for borders.

We are ONE people, blessed with the gift of life here upon this beautiful planet we call Mother Earth, our Home.

The candle flame which burns upon our tables is the flame of our Ancestors. It is the fires of the universe carried through the centuries. It is the love of generations past, present, and future. Carry that flame in your heart and share it with everyone, especially those who have lost theirs.

My wishes for all of you this coming year are best summed up in this proverb: "Fear less, Hope more; Eat less, Chew more; Whine less, Breathe more; Talk less, Say more; Hate less, Love more; and all good things are yours".

Happy Holidays
Dan Jordinelli

Date: 12/21/00

The bear clan of Sacramento, California will be celebrating the winter Solstice on Dec. 22, 2000 with drumming and dance. For those who would like to join us, contact HUGH at:

December 7, 2000

Dear Walking Stars, Carol and Dan !
I don't need to tell you the power of synchronicity...Yesterday ,on the first of December, I opened a new page in my calendar and I discovered that the Winter Solstice is on the first day of Hanukkah - the Feast of Light, when we'll light the first candle in the Menorah, the Hanukkah Lamp. Throughout the eight nights we'll light an additional candle each night. So for me it was such a gift to read the invitation of Sandra Ingerman about the idea to create a Human Web of Light. Sandra writes that "we need to find our shine again so that we can light up the dark places of the world" her words remind me of a song we used to sing as children in Hanukkah. Here is my translation ,you can imagine very easily that in Hebrew it is much nicer.

"We come to drive out the darkness
We have in our hand light and fire
Everyone of us is but a small light
But all of us is a powerful light.
Go away Darkness
Because light is coming."

And while I have continued to read that "It is time for all of us to shine our light which will reflect back the beauty of the night sky above us" .The words took me back to Oracle and to your song Carol:

"We've been sent to Earth, to be WalkingStars
...We walk our light across the world, with other WalkingStars."

The invitation of Sandra warms and lights my heart, being now in Israel in the Middle East, I do believe that the Human Web of Light can reach and touch the darkness and chaos here. The Solstice is a turning point and Hanukkah is a holiday of miracle so let pray that it will be a turning point and miracle will happen here and new days will come when people will notice that everyone of us can be a Walking Star and we can send love and share it all. Yes, even miracles need their own time ,and here in the Middle East the miracle will not happen in a minute ,but let pray for a turning point ,that out of the darkness light will come, even a small light, that will show us the way we need to walk toward peace.
Love Ziva

Atlantic Highlands New Jersey Circle
Date: Mon, 04 Dec 2000
Received from: ELAINE EGIDIO

Dear Dan,
The Tansey House will have The Solstice Celebration Sunday December 17 at 6:30. We will incorporating Sandra Ingerman's Web of Light work. We meet one Sunday a month, this is an open circle. We welcome travelers and those who want to experience the Shamanic journey. Blessings and harmony to you and the others who tend this wonderful connection,

Date: Sat, 2 Dec 2000 11:56:59 EST

Hello, Dan and all Solstice Circlers,

How synchronous to read Sandra Ingerman's light thoughts and meditations. This year I celebrate my 25th Anniversary public participatory Winter Solstice Celebration. Because the time of the solstice here on the east coast is just minutes before the work day begins, I have decided to hold it in Manhattan instead of on the beach as usual. We will gather on a pier at the South Street Seaport that extends into the East river for a sunrise ceremony at 7:11 AM and drum the solstice in (exact time is 8:37 AM)

Because the pier is made of wood and is an historical landmark, it will not be possible to have a fire. Remember, my entire group was arrested 2 years ago for our solstice fire, and I have gotten myself in plenty of beaurocratic hot water over this past quarter century in my determination that we always bring in the light with a fire.

But this year it seemed more important to have people be able to attend than to have a fire. What to do??? I decided that the ceremony be designed in such a way as to allow US, the celebrants, BE the fire. People will be decked out in silver and dayglo orange. We will have orange and red ribbons to dance with. And I will send people away to carry the flames of their passion for peace and harmony out into the world. Each one of us being responsible for keeping the soul fires burning.

So, what a fabulous affirmation to read Sandra's thoughts!

For anyone in the NYC area: please join us:

Thursday December 21, 2000 7 AM South Street Seaport Pier 16. Bring drums.

As always, we will be synching our energies with yours whereever you are.

Have a blessed solstice.

xxMama Donna