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Winter Solstice 2002
Cornish and Harpswell, Maine
The Cornish and Harpswell drumming circles will be joining together to celebrate the solstice in Cornish beginning at 7:00 PM Saturday evening the 21st. The evening will include ritual releasing of those things no longer needed by the participants, a healing circle, and an individual and world blessing ceremony. All are welcome, however it is requested that those interested in attending please contact us in advance to learn what is needed for the ceremonies.
Contact: Email or call 207 625-4179.
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Brooklyn, New York
Reverence to Her: A Participatory Chant to Invoke the Female Forces in the Universe Present in All People.


Join us as we welcome back the sun. Bring drums and children and plenty of spirit. Please wear white, bright, silver, sparkle and/or neon finery to help light up the dark. And dress warm!

Meet the bus under the arch at Grand Army Plaza, Brooklyn.
2/3 train to Grand Army Plaza. Magical Mystery Bus Trip to the Atlantic Ocean includes refreshments, ritual supplies and favors.

$35. advance purchase tickets. Send your check right away to ensure your seat. $40. on the bus


Essence of the Season
Winter Solstice
from Always in Season: Living in Sync with the Cycles

The sun, its back toward us, has been retreating for half a year now. The days have shriveled to a skeleton flicker of light. The frozen nights are endless. By the solstice, we are left standing alone in the dark. And winter is only just about to begin. These are dim, drab times. No flowers, no foliage. No insects, few birds. The earth itself is congealed with cold. Dark death and Arctic gloom surrounds us. How do we know that the sun, too, won't die, it's flame of life extinguished forever? How do we know that it won't just go off and leave us, abandon us to the night?

We know because it always has come back. Light is conceived in the dark cold at the time of the Winter Solstice, making it the most hopeful of all days. The Winter Solstice is like the time before we were born, when we floated in the great inky uterine void from which all is formed: that vast black ring around all possibility, its perimeter bulging with promise. The sun, a mere gleam in the eye of eternity, graces us with the smallest spark, the most tentative hint of a glow, imagined now in the dense ambiance of its absence. And light, no matter how tiny, equals life.
(c) Donna Henes

Please join us in spirit wherever you are as we welcome back the sun.
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Menlo Park, California
Winter Solstice Celebration: The Turning of the Tides
Dec 22, 4 PM
Marsh Road Bayfront Park, Menlo Park

We will celebrate the winter solstice at this public, community gathering by honoring the darkness we have all experienced in these last months, and opening space in ourselves for the light and new beginnings that follow this turning of the year.

With the intention of letting go of (dark, heavy) feelings that no longer serve us, we will each place a message in our tule spirit boat. We'll float the tule boat out to sea on the turning of the tides, offering our intentions to the creatures and waters of the Bay. Whomever is inspired will have a chance to name what new attitude, feeling, or focus s/he wants to welcome into her/his life, and by witnessing for each other we will strengthen our intention as the light returns.

Meet at 4:00 at the parking lot by the first pond (on the right) after you cross the tracks and enter Marsh Road Bayfront Park. The park is on Marsh road to the EAST of 101 in Menlo Park, along the bay.

Sponsored by Meg Beeler, Ginny Anderson and Foundation for Global
Community. Note: this is a shamanism-subtly-shared-with-the-world
event, with no overt journeying or other of our usual practices.
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Charlottesville, Virginia
Our group in VA already did our solstice gathering, since we meet the 2nd Monday of each month. After the usual smudging and calling directions, we all journeyed to ask "In this darkest time of year, with the shortest days, what is the spark of light within that guides me and keeps me going?" Ask your power animal to take you to that spark and have a dialog.

After sharing the results of that journey, we did a 2nd journey, each to ask for a piece of a ritual to honor that light found within us, even during the darkest times. We then did that ritual as a group, and closed with releasing the Directions with thanks.
Shirley Paul
Charlottesville VA
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  O’Neil Park, Orange County, CA
Saturday, DECEMBER 21, 2002
10 am till 5 pm (registration at 9:00 am)

Please join us in sacred community for a Winter Solstice healing celebration!
WHERE: O’Neill Park in Trabuco Canyon at the foot of Saddleback Mountain (from the 5 Fwy, exit El Toro. Go East to Cooks Corner and turn right (approx 3 miles on the right)

DONATION: $75.00** includes fabulous hot lunch served by Mother’s
Market & Kitchen (vegetarian chili with corn bread) and the following:
· Native American Healing Ceremony with WainChungka
· Accessing Soul Wisdom with Dianne Porchia
· Drumming Circle
· Basket Weaving, Yoga and more!
What better holiday gift to give yourself or someone you care about!!!
Proceeds benefit: Journey to the Heart
Healing Earth and All who Reside There
(Spiritual ecology and preservation of indigenous communities)
Call 800-540-0471 or go to
Journey to the Heart 230 E. 17th Street Costa Mesa, CA 92627
Name _____________________________________
Phone ______________________
City __________________ State _____ Zip ________ Email ____________
Yes, I want to attend. There will be ____ @$75.00 donation per person
donation $__________
I am unable to attend but would like to donate the following to the
Journey to the Heart Programs $__________
Total Amount $__________
Please charge my _____ VISA ______ M/C ______ AMEX ____ DISCOVER
Card # ____________________________________________
Exp Date ___________
Print Name as on card ___________________________________

*** This is a requested donation amount. There are “Work Scholarships” available. Please contact us if you need assistance and can assist us!!! All proceeds go towards our programs which promote spiritual ecology and the preservation of indigenous communities.
Stephanie Barger Executive Director
Earth Resource Foundation
230 E. 17th Street #208 Costa Mesa, CA 92627
949-645-5163 949-645-5173
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Lund, Sweden
Our plans for the Solstice is:
We gather on a hill in a beautiful spot outside Lund if the weather permits it. Otherwise home by the fire place. We perform an old nordic variation of the solstice ceremony, guests are invited to participate. If we are outdoor, bring warm clothes and something hot to drink and something to cover your face with like a mask or a handkerchief.
More information will be given by:
Merry Christmas Dan, and a happy new year!!!
stig berthelsen
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Lena, Mississippi
The Drum Circle at Lena, Miss., will meet at 7 p.m. Saturday, Dec. 21.
The regular drumming will start as usual at 7 p.m. Those who have taken the locally offered shamanic workshops from the Foundation for Shamanic Studies can come early and journey, at 5:30 p.m. Bring a covered dish if you like. We will drum first, eat later. Some may wish to fast beforehand.

For those who have not attended a drum circle, we hold a monthly drumming
ceremony for Earth healing, healing for ourselves and for all those in our sacred circles using the Native American Medicine Wheel. It is a time of respect and gratitude for all the Creator has given us, for honoring the Earth Mother and for seeking healing for those who are needing it. If you can’t attend and have prayers to enter in the medicine wheel, send them ( All are welcome. Bring a drum or rattle if you have one; if not, come as the Creator guides you.
For more information: Jim Ewing (e-mail:; phone: 601-654-3301).
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Rancho Mirage, California
For the winter solstice, we have formed a Spirit Sound Ensemble to share a Winter Solstice Sound Meditation to honor the cylcing of the seasons honoring the season of autumn and welcoming the return of light. We will share a session of sound at the local Center of Positive Living at 10 am on December 22 in Rancho Mirage. The sound meditation will begin with the rhythm of the heart played on the body, we will then move through a journey of sound using didgeridoos, crystal singing bowls, voice, gong, flutes and drums. The journey takes one from autumn into winter thru the vibration of the instruments and the intention of the players. This celebration was inspired by a vision I had early one morning while communing with my spirit helpers.
For more information 760-836-1196 or
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New York, NY
A Taino Winter Solstice Celebration

Beike Marie NanaMaguey and Crooke Gautier
Founder, Ku Karey Spiritual Circle, Inc.

Join us as we celebrate the change of season in the tradition of the pre-Columbian Taino culture of Puerto Rico. We will start with an exploration of the importance of the solstice to the Taino, analyzing the myths, stories and symbols associated with it, and then we will participate in a major solstice ritual in which Atabey (Mother Earth) celebrates the return of vitality to her womb where it will remain dormant until its rebirth in Spring. Join Taino Medicine Woman Beike Marie NanaMaguey of the Ku Karey Spiritual Circle of New York to reflect on the teachings of the previous year and celebrate the seasonal change.

Note:Feel free to bring your maracas, guiros, guamos (conch shells), shakers and hand drums.

An Afternoon Celebration at: The New York Open Center
Sunday, December 22, 2002 at 2:00 p.m.
83 Spring Street, between Broadway and Lafayette.
For information please call (212) 219-2527 or email
or contact Beike Marie NanaMaguey at

Members: $13.00 Non-members: $15.00
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Santa Ana, CA

6:30 pm - 8:30 pm
$10 Love Donation

610 North Santiago St., Santa Ana, CA
The Upstairs Space

At Austin Hardwoods & Hardware
(Across the street from the Santa Ana Train Station)

Facilitated by:
Cynthia Niermann, Gretchen McKay, Kisma Reidling

We invite you to bring a drum/rattle, a pillow or blanket to sit on, flowers or other sacred items to place on the altar.

Next event: Imbolc, January 31, 2003

For more information
call Cynthia at 949/ 361-0359,
e-mail Gretchen at or
visit Kisma's website at

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Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
My circle and I are meeting at a wonderful spirit filled warehouse. We were invited by the Spirits that dwell there to spend the night and greet dawn, the return of the sun with them. We have been called to witness the return to the SpiritWorld for some of them, and witness to the life the rest of them have in the warehouse.

Rattles and Drums and Dance and Voice all will celebrate the return of the Sun.
I look forward to reading more events of others.
Edmonton, Alberta
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North Pole Alaska
Happy New Year! Solstice is the time of the return of the Light! I am here in North Pole Alaska and it gets dark early and stays dark. But the return of the light has begun, if only by a few seconds.

My message for you all is this. "The physical reality of this Earth School depends upon the decisions of those who are in it."- Native wisdom
"God is whatever you give your attention."

Despite the crazy chaos happening all over the world, my perception of things is that they are happening on schedule, that humanity is evolving rapidly into its final stage of development and that enlightenment for all is at hand. Time is being given to those who still yet hold to fear and guilt and judgment. Please have compassion and understanding and patience and assist them in this transition- from a physical based reality to one of spirit, from one of limitation to that of no limitations. Thank you for the opportunity to share this. May the Light be with you. And may you fear not the dark, but recognize that it, like the darkness of night, is part of the Day, of Life.

"Beyond right doings and wrong doings, there is a field, I will meet
you there." -Sufi poet Rumi

501 c (3) non profit organization:
Wilderness School & Retreat:

If you check out either of the above websites, please give some feedback: first impressions, questions, comments, etc. This information is invaluable in our continuing effort to provide the best Outdoor Education and Experience in Alaska for Kids of all ages- children, teens and adults.
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