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Workshops, retreats, Reflections, and other things sponsored by Shamanic Circles in the year 2011 are posted here. Prior years' materials can be found in the archives. We invite you to bookmark this page and check here periodically for any items in which you might be interested.

spiral Receive inspirational guidance through shamanic journeying
Wednesday, November 12, 2014
from Sandra Ingerman

I would like to invite you to listen to a free lecture on shamanic journeying and healing. When you sign up for the introductory call the Shift Network will then send you information on how to register for my new 7 week teleconferencing course.
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spiral Reflections on the Practice of Shamanism new
from Carol Proudfoot-Edgar
Call to Service: From Out of My Silence (November 2014)

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In the Wind:
Forthcoming events and activities coordinated or co-sponsored by ShamanicCircles. Individuals may register and pay for these workshops by following the procedures described in the material provided through the links to each workshop.

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· OREGON - Hillsboro - Spirit Moon Shamanic Community Journey Circle - (8/6/19)

· ILLINOIS - Evanston - Stardust Healing Shamanic Circle Group - (3/22/19)

WorldWeavers Workshop ­ Are YOU a WorldWeaver Illuminator? The Next Level. Join Hawaiian kupuna Aunti Nahi, and Native American elder/teacher Robin Tekwelus Youngblood, as we explore the ancient teachings of indigenous people throughout the world. More.



World Drum Project
The World Drum project is something that we at Shamanic Circles are supporting. Eventually we hope to have a gathering, perhaps in collaboration with the Society for Shamanic Practitioners, in which we will take time to honor the Drum as a primary healing tool.

This means honoring the birth of the original drum (the Ancestor of all our drums), honoring our individual drums, and doing some healing activity with the World Drum that is going to be moving around the world. For more information, please visit the website of the World Drum. Any questions about this project should be sent to the coorindator listed at the World Drum website.

May we each individually and in our Circles, take time in these coming Winter months, to deepen our relationship with the One Drum....the One Heartbeat that sustains the Hoop and Web of Being.
Letter from The World Drum Project

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