Newsletter 4/2/08 :
March Greetings and Workshops

springDear Friends,

As Spring returns to the Northern Hemisphere, I am reminded why so many of our Ancestors depicted Spring in figures symbolic of fertiity, verdancy, joy, and hope. The very air is charged with electricity and many of us find ourselves shucking the husk of Winter and starting to muse: What shall I do or become now in this time of Possiblity.

I invite you to consider participating in some Circle or some workshop that assists you in deepening your connection with the many Spirits of Nature and with your fellow pilgrims on the shamanic path. Just now all of Nature is animated by the fertile life force. When we intwine ourselves with this force, we are inspired and strenghtened in all that we do or all that we seek to become.

I want to remind you of some forthcoming workshops being offered in unique natural habitats....Circling within them, we shall deepen our understanding of stone, tree, water, animal and weather spirits. Within the Redwoods are medicine wheel, labyrinth, and trails that take us to the deeper withinness of the forest or to the promotory from which we veiw the mountains around us.

These workshops have the option of commuting or lodging at the center. For those needing assistance, scholarships are available.

In addition to the information below, compete information is avilable at my website. You can also contact the Coordinator for Shamanic Visions, Pirkko Miller pirkko@embarqmail.com.

As Sun casts more and more light in these coming days and months, may we bless, and be blessed by, all the Possibilities for growth and flowering presented to us. And support one another as we transform possibility into actuality.

Love and blessings,
Carol Proudfoot-Edgar



May 2 to 4
California Shamanism: Medicine of the Coastal Redwood Mountains
Earth Retreat Center, Ben Lomond (Santa Cruz County) CA.
Assisted by Susan Gilliland

redwoodShamanism is based on a deep connection with nature spirits and especially with the Beings that are residents of one's homeland. The shamanic practices developed in California, over thousands of years, include special methods for communing within wilderness, gathering the medicine offered from other natural beings and connecting with Ancestral Spirits. These methods may be used in other place we might travel or live within. To know how to connect with the Beings of one's homeland opens the way for them to connect with us - a reciprocity full of blessing for Wisdom dwells within Place.
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July 11 to 13
California Shamanism: Bear Medicine & Bear Doctoring

Earth Retreat Center, Ben Lomond (Santa Cruz County) CA
Assisted by Susan Gilliland

To study the ways of Bear is to walk with the Supreme Physician of the Wilderness. Bear practitioners are concerned with the soul's journey from birth through dying and moving to Elsewhere. This Medicine is a primary healing path of both our Ancestors and contemporary shamanic practitioners. We learn the healing power of our paws, of hibernating ourselves and how to track for healing substances within the landscape. We learn to bridge DreamingTime with WakingTime, to join the Above with the Below. Ceremonies for major life events and for honoring the seasons are intrinsic to BearMedicine. We will focus on the overall teachings, and on a few specific practices of BearMedicine.
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Oct. 24 to 26
The Totemic Body of the Shaman

The Presentation Retreat Center, Los Gatos, CA (San Jose area)
Assisted by Susan Gilliland

totemMuch contemporary shamanism has focused on power animals, soul retrieval, and spirit Teachers. Another equally important tradition teaches how to work with the Animal powers that reside within our bodies. These are animals that have left knowledge of themselves within our bodies. From this knowledge we can move, feel, speak and manifest our own unique selves on the planet. As we find and construct our individual totem poles, we may find that animals with whom we have sensed some mysterious affinity are those who have left signatures of themselves within us.
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Oct. 4 to 5
Shamanism and our Animal Companions Los Angeles, CA

With Dan Jordinelli
This workshop will take place in a Los Angeles animal shelter. This weekend is an opportunity to learn shamanic methods for connecting with and offering healing to our animal kin.

More Information:

  • Complete information about these workshops can be found at Carol's website or will be sent to you upon request.
  • These workshops welcome commuters as well as residential participants.
  • Partial scholarships are available and can be applied for when registering.

To register for one or more workshops with Carol, contact the Coordinator for Shamanic Visions: Pirkko Miller at pirkko@embarqmail.com.



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