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Summer Solstice 2009
· Cromwell, IN

Summer Solstice Celebration
Rock Healing Circle, Indiana

The 2009 Summer Solstice Celebration at The Rock was a joyous occasion.

We gathered at 6:30 PM and began making our Prayer Ties. With beautiful flute music in the background and the smell of sage in the air, we put our prayer intentions into our feathers and ribbons and then tied them to our Prayer Tree.

We began to drum at 7:00 PM.

We drummed around our ancient fire - (a combination of fire from Pottawatami Indians from Michigan and a fire from Wales, this being a combination of fire from 7 continents that dates back over 1500 years and that was rekindled at the Midwestern Shamanic Gathering in 2000 -- (Labor Day Week-end -- held in WI. At that time Pirkko Miller took a piece of coal, brought it to The Global Shamanic Gathering in Oracle, AZ, April of 2002, sponsored by Shamanic Circles Organization, of which Pirkko is a charter member, and she then brought it to us that same year.)

After a time of drumming there was the Directional Prayer and the reading of Psalm 19:1-6 and a Song.

Explanations of Summer Solstice were shared and a reading of Paula Gunn Allen's words about 'The Spider'.

We did a 'releasing to the fire' and shared memories of Summer's past.

The ceremony part of our celebration concluded with words of Rumi about the outer and inner sun and more drumming and another song.

Then the children (and some adults) blew bubbles and enjoyed 'smores' (who can resist chocolate and marshmellows!).
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