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Seasonal Celebrations
Several times a year, individuals and circles come together around the world to celebrate the coming and going of the Sun. On these pages, circles share their ideas, coordinate plans, and relate their experiences of the turning season.
Most Recentreports and reflections
img Winter Solstice 2012
Previous Seasonal Ceremonies—reports and reflections from previous celebrations:
img Equinox Ceremony 2010
Written by Babalosa Jodie (Eagle Wolf) Hart Presented by the Gay Men’s Medicine Circle at the 2010 CMG Spirituality Retreat in Malibu. View a printable description of this ceremony.
img Summer Solstice 2009
img Summer Solstice 2008
img Winter Solstice 2007
img Summer Solstice 2007
Summer Solstice 2006
Winter Solstice 2002
Summer Solstice 2002
Winter Solstice 2001
Summer Solstice 2001
   Winter Solstice 2000
   Summer Solstice 2000
   How the People Caught the Sun 
Polluting the Fire—Making and Tending our Sacred Circle Fire