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Healing Ceremony for Middle East
Munich, Germany
July 14, 2002

The blue eyes of Vera looked at me and I heard her voice, "We need to do a healing ceremony for the Middle East." I remembered these blue eyes - they brought me back to 1996, while sitting in an 'Ancient Voices' workshop in Ireland - at a time when there was much shooting in Northern Ireland. Then I saw these eyes again - they were bright and full of vitality while Vera visited me in Israel two years ago. And now, this time, I was in Munich for several days, enjoying every minute in this beautiful city - the forests, the lakes and the mountains that surround it.

Sunday evening with the Munich drumming circle was the most powerful experience I had while in Munich. It was not planned before I arrived, it just came as an idea to Vera and in a second she turned it into reality. It touched my heart to see how Vera phoned and emailed each member of her circle and how without any question, seventeen people came this night to do healing ceremony for the Middle East.

On Sunday nite, July 14th, the circle met in a kindergarten (where the circle usually meets). For me it was very powerful to do the healing ceremony in a kindergarten because during this awful time of violence and terror in the Middle East I keep worrying about the children. After smudging, rattling and calling the directions, the evening was opened with a long powerful drumming. I felt as if the beats of the drums and the beats of our hearts opened the starry skies to our prayers. The room was full of love and power and my eyes were full of tears of gratitude.

Vera brought a heart-shaped stone and passed it around the circle so each of us could feel it. When I touched the stone, it was no longer a stone, but had turned into a living heart and I could hear its heartbeat. We put the stone in the center while we journeyed to the Spirits of the Middle East and asked them "what the people and the land needs." Everyone came back with an answer.

We shared our journeys in a special way. A blue ball of wool was held while we shared our journey and then it was tossed to the next person. Slowly a special web, like a Spider's web connected us all together. Our journeys were woven in the threads of the web that now looked like a big Dream Catcher catching and holding the messages we had received from the Spirits.

When my turn came and I held the threads of the web, I remembered the words of Fools Crow, "We are only one part of a giant web whose assemblage of strands, working cooperatively together, accounts for its overall strength. Each strand is responsible to and for the rest. When we fail to carry our share of the load or when we abuse or destroy another part, it injures, sometimes irretrievably, all the others bringing unbalance to our lives in totally unexpected ways." My eyes were full of tears while I took the heart shaped stone and wrapped the strands of the web around it. Each thread held a journey, each thread was full of love, each thread touched my heart. This special heart stone, covered with the blue threads of the web, I brought back with me from Munich to Israel to share with my circle here.

Holding this special stone reminded me of the story I heard from Karen Kelly about the web of the Spider Woman. "Among the Nootka people of the Northwest Coast of Canada, there is a story of how when the world began to fall apart, Spider Woman wove a giant web to hold it together. The web touched everything and Spider Woman anchored the web on tallest tree in the world." At the end of this powerful evening when we sang and danced together, my heart knew we are not alone, there is a web of love that connects us all.

Ziva Garbi
August, 2002

The circle journeyed to the Spirits of the land and brought messages of healing for the Middle East. Below are the messages, the Munich Circle received:

• There is land for everybody.

• Everybody will have joy and love to oneself and to each other.

• Everybody will understand the depression and the sadness of the other. The image that came to me is that every family will adopt a child from another family.

• The people will look at each other with their hearts.

• Everyone should listen to the beats of the drums because it is like the beats of their hearts and transformation will happen.

• In the past I saw empty streets with no plants. Now, from time to time, I see little plants growing in the streets and people live in peace. Peace will be in the land when people have peace in their hearts.

• When I came to the land with my power animal, I saw shooting. My Power Animal said "Shalom" and suddenly the shooting stopped.

• The first words that came to me were Patience, Confidence, Strength, and Love. Not to think in black and white - to meet each other and get to know each other.

• My teacher told me to "Go outside at night, look at the moon, and pray for peace. Everywhere in the world, there is the same Grandmother Moon."

• I got a ball of energy. Inside it was love. This love we'll distribute to the people.

• My teacher told me that we are all brothers and sisters and we'll shake hands. My teacher gave me a stone to heal the earth of the land.

• In my journey, I was in a valley and many people were there from all the different countries in the Middle East and from all ages, from new born babies to old women and men. A man gave me a ball full of water - the water was tears. He said to me, "Share the pain and the grief of the people." Then a ray of light came down and dried the tears and turned to rain, making the desert green.

• My teacher showed me a beautiful vision - people from all the countries of the Middle East sat in a circle around a big fire. The wood in the fire looked like rifles. There were four prayer flags - one in each direction - Tolerance, Belief in God, Love for each other, Hope.

• I saw the desert full of energy and power. I heard a voice that said, "Don't be afraid of the desert. You can go and enjoy it. The desert is big and connects all countries; there is enough for everyone."

• I came to the world of the twelve female shamans. There was a great cosmic song, "We are brothers and sisters when we open our hearts to pain and fear as well as joy and happiness. If you separate one from the other, you become enemies. If you put them both in your heart, you are brothers and sisters."

• Mother Bear came to me and said, "I'm going to the cave for the wintertime and I'll bring the Power of the my winter-sleep, strength, confidence and hope."

• Two songs: "We shall overcome someday. Deep in my heart, I do believe, we shall overcome someday. We shall live in peace someday. Deep in my heart, I do believe, we shall live in peace someday." "Shalom my friends; Shalom and see you again."

Reflections from the Munich Drumming Circle
"The more you give, the more you receive."

The Love of the invited Spirits were felt in the room. Our big heart stone was lying in the center of the circle, as it was lying on my home altar during the days of preparation for ceremony. The Heart Stone was surrounded with wonderful unique stones, which Ziva had selected with her love. In her warmhearted, open manner, Ziva offered a stone to every participant. She drummed for us while we were journeying and got also the grace and a gift from the Spirits. The group and I were overwhelmed from so much openness and kindness. Some of the members of the Munich Circle are still carrying their stones always with them, being in touch with the World, being in touch with energy that connects us all.

During the time the war started in the Middle East, the Munich Circle journeyed several times to build a bridge full of love and supporting energies to our sisters and brothers. In my journeys, I often have seen a rainbow connecting the Spirits of the two countries. There is always a loving and powerful bridge between Ziva and me. We did not phone or email much, but the moment I heard her voice over the phone asking to come and see me again, there we were - one heart and one soul. The spider web, the 'wool ball web' and the beloved web of energy shows us that we are really connected as a tending circle full with beauty, love and peace.

Vera Griebert Schroder
Munich, Germany

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