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The Art of Shamanic Circling
Articles and Books about creating and sustaining Shamanic Circles.

The material on these webpages addresses some of the many issues involved in developing and sustaining a shamanic circle. We desire and accept contributions from those of you wishing to write about your experiences in this area. Learning how to create Circle is itself a major challenge in shamanic practice. Learning how to work with other Circles with common intentions is another facet of this.

Each of us learning and finding ways of supporting our individual walk is equally important. In the future, we intend to focus on these three interrelated aspects of shamanic practice. If you have contributions you wish to make, please send. If you have comments you wish to share, please send also. If there are issues you wish to see addressed, let us hear from you. We hope these materials are of benefit to the development of shamanic circles.
Send your responses to (Carol Proudfoot-Edgar).

On Becoming a Circle
This article describes specific issues in the development of a shamanic circle in which the author has participated since its inception several years ago.
by Lanz Lowen

It is the Drum which calls and holds us in Circle
A poetic piece on the Drum, the Circle, and how Drumming sustains Circles around the world. Article to appear in a book Summer, 2001. (copyrighted)
by Carol Proudfoot-Edgar

Creating and Maintaining Healthy and Vibrant Shamanic Drumming Circles.
This is a summary of a discussion of shamanic circling which was held at the First International Shamanic Gathering in Oracle, Arizona, 2000.
by Sharon Stevens

About Shamanic Ceremonies
This article focuses on how shamanic ceremony brings together Eternal timelessness and temporal time. It describes the steps by which Circles can learn to create their own ceremonies in harmony with the seasons of Nature.
by Carol Proudfoot-Edgar