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Haiti: A Call for Help
Responses from the Circles

Responding to the Crisis in Haiti

Reports and images of the earthquake in Haiti indicate suffering of a magnitude almost impossible to imagine. These are the times when all our training and experience as shamanic practitioners prepare us for working, alongside with other helpers, to bring comfort and relief.

In following news from Haiti, I found myself seeking to assess the spiritual needs emerging as well as those for primary assistance in terms of food, water, and shelter. Emergency workers, in their training, are often taught that the first need (for an extended time) is to provide these basic essentials as well as search for people buried in the rubble. Some time later, so goes the thinking, people will then be confronted with the emotional and spiritual consequences – which in themselves can be devastating.

It is my experience, however, that we are called to respond as soon as possible to all aspects of this situation: physical, spiritual and emotional. The deaths of so many can impact even greater among a people who believe that traumatic death can result in troubled, lingering souls if assisting their crossing over is not done. This is certainly the situation in Haiti.

As shamanic practitioners, we have the blessing, and the requirement, to gather ourselves, take whatever time is necessary to align with our helping Spirits, make prayers, and journey with our Helpers to do as we are so guided.

This is a call for us to do this responding. If you have a Circle, call yourselves together and work as a Circle. Those of us without local Circles can join in the larger Circle of Responders.

Perhaps we could each take time to write to (for posting), both how we focused ourselves and what we were led to do. This is analogous to all emergency personnel sharing among themselves both the nature of the situation and what each of them are doing. In effect, this can lead to stronger and more coordinated effort as we support one another.

For example: I am sending the Call for shamanic help to those with whom I network and asking them to send the call to their shamanic colleagues. I have set up an altar space that includes a circle of candles. Having ‘journeyed to Haiti,’ I see a wide, wide misty field parallel to the earth’s surface. Within this misty field ghostly shapes seem to swirl about…almost forming an ever-darkening vortex of powerful energy. I hear wailing and keening everywhere.

Below the misty field, individuals moving about—mostly dazed and confused. I consult with my Spirits and am shown what to do. Our Circle will be gathering----during which time, I will share what has been shown. Others will journey too. Together we will Respond.

Notes of how to respond (from this journey):

  • Be a Singing Healing Field—while singing journey to Haiti and sing your song of healing.
  • With your Power Animal (s) – while in Haiti, offer ‘healing touch’ to those whom you encounter.
  • Assisting lost souls – many souls are wandering, needing help to cross to elsewhere. Assist them, when possible, to make this crossing. Give comfort to those not ready to do this.

The above notes are simply from my journey. Each of us will be shown what to do. In addition, it is important to me that I keep a Candle lit on my altar…. it becomes a reminder to ensure that my daily life includes time for doing shamanic tending for those in Haiti. The tasks and responsibilities of ordinary living can absorb my attention that I can neglect to bring the best of my energy to tending Haiti. This Candle reminds me to give from the Light of my being and offer Light from other Helpers to Haiti. I recommend, if you haven’t already, to place in your daily ‘space’ a reminder to take time – tend Haiti.

We are blessed on our shamanic path to know there IS help from many Realms. May we use our blessings on behalf of the people of Haiti.

Carol Proudfoot-Edgar